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I got my first dog as a ten year old boy, and it was an English Setter. Her name was Lucky Tanja, and she comes from a well known fied trail kennel. She was linebreed on the famous champion Lucky Guy, who had been winning His Majesty the Kings Trophy in field trails. Her first litter was born in 1961. In 1964 I got my kennel prefix ENERHAUGEN registered by the F.C.I.

Enerhaugens Vill, who was 3. generation of my breeding, was a merited field trail dog and won also C.C. at shows. Since I am not a hunter, and since the English Setter are hunting dogs, I felt that this was not the right breed for me.

Proud 13 year old breeder with my first litter of English Setter.

Enerhaugens Vill - 3. generation of my own breeding. Field trail merited - and winner of c.c. at shows.


When I then saw my first Lundehund, a special native spitz breed of Norway who is one of the rarest breeds in the world, I got very interested. They are the only breed who have six toes, among many other special anatomic differences. At that time (1967) the breed was almost extended, and there were only 60 dogs in the breed. I decided to try to help the breed to survive, and together with my mother Zenia, we started breeding Lundehunds in 1969.

I was so lucky that I become a very close friend of the grand old lady in the breed; the late Mrs. Eleanor Christie. She is the one who have the honour of having saved Norsk Lundehund. Without her enormous interest and work, the breed would have been totally extended. From her kennel Lundeuren, we got the dog Snorre, and the two bitches Lundeurens Bris and Lundeurens Ura, who was our founding stock.

In the nearly twenty years that we was in the breed, we produced 133 puppies (normally in a litter of 2-4), and from this we got 24 champions. We exported dogs to Sweden, Finland and Denmark. In Denmark Oegar av Enerhaugen become International Champion and the most awarded spitz dog in the country one year.

The kennel won the prestigues trophy Kennel Valpåsens Vandrepokal, which goes to the dog with the most correct extra toes at the Norwegian Lundehund Clubs special show. 

A new trophy; Kennel Enerhaugens Vandrepokal, was donated by the kennel to anchorage breeders to continue to breed dogs with the correct extra toes.

The picture above
Back: Norwegian champion & Nordic Winner
Brynjar av Enerhaugen.
Middle: (his daughter) Norwegian champion & Nordic Winner Geira av Enerhaugen. Front: Norwegian champion Aura av Ekrene.

All dogs owned by Zenia and Christen Lang.
Photo by the late Mrs. Inger Kristiansen, Denmark.

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