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I remember seeing my first shibas at a show in Norway in the late '70ies. I could never forget these beautiful red dogs, which impressed me with their dignity. In 1987 I therefore imported my first shiba, a bitch named Amai-Keki from Mrs. Lena Sonefors in Sweden. This was the first shiba in Norway. (She is now 12,5 years of age and with good health)

My intentions was not to breed, I only wanted a dog for companion. But after a short time of acquintance I was hooked on the breed. These days it was very difficult to get quality breeding stock. Over the years I have imported dogs from different kennels to try to build up a line. My imports are from Sweden, England and Australia. My english imports have blood from the most known kennels in the UK; Makoto, Chevawn, Kerriland, Wellshim and Vormund.

Five shiba puppies out of Fujihime av Enerhaugen (back) after Glendalin Burande.

From left; Rinji, Ran, Retsu, Ren-ai and Ryo Taro




From Australia I have imported dogs from Mr. Arthur Lanes famouse Glendalin Kennel.

So far I have bred 31 champions in this breed included International, Swedish, Finnish, Israelian and Norwegian champions. The kennel has 35 times acieved the price of honours for its breeding groups, and my dog Glendalin Burande have so far 8 progeny groups with the price of honour. He is the leading sire in the breed in Norway at the moment, as he is sire of 18 champions so far.

My brod bitch Fujihime av Enerhaugen has twice got the prize of honour for her progeny groups: In 1997 her group was places as no.2 (all breeds) in Norwegian Kennel Clubs show at Hamar, and in 1998 her group was best progeny group (all breeds) at the Norwegian Kennel Clubs 100th anniversary show in Oslo.

Fujihime av Enerhaugen (middle) with her progeny group, winning best-progeny group all breeds at the Norwegian Kennel Clubs 100th anniversary show in Oslo on the 15th of august 1998.


In 1994 Hindezakura av Enerhaugen won BOB in competition with 45 other Shiba, and 2nd Best in Show at a special show arranged by the Japanese Kennel Club for Japanese breeds. The show was held at Ransater, Sweden. Judges was Mr. Toshikazu Uryu (breed), and Mr. Toyosaku Kariyabu (president of the Japanese Kennel Club) judged Best in Show.

At the World show in Finland in 1998 the kennel achived prize of honour in breeder class, by the japanese judge Mr. Hiroshi Kamisato. Glendalin Fuyu San and his daughter Tetsuhime av Enerhaugen won best pair, and Glendalin Burande got prize of honour for his progeny group.

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A proud breeder Christen Lang and owner Lena Sonefors together with Umai av Enerhaugen.

At the Norwegian Shiba Klubbs first official show at Ørje on the 10th of June 2000 Umai av Enerhaugen (owner; Lena Sonefors, Sweden) won BOB.

Best Opposite sex was Glendalin Fuyu San. Best puppy was Zenmai av Enerhaugen (owner; Solvor Nærland). Best veteran was  Glendalin Ayako San. Judge was Robert Sellevik.

On the Japanese special show the day after, Umai av Enerhaugen, once again won BOB and Best in Show. Judge was Mr. Takahiro Miyagawa from Japan.


Best Opposite Sex was Glendalin Burande and the kennel won the prize of honour in breeder class. Glendalin Ayako San went Best Veteran, once again.

Other Kennel Enerhaugen dogs which got good positions on this show was Joyu av Enerhaugen (owner; Gerd & Jørn Ommang), which won 2nd Best bitch, Ren-ai av Enerhaugen (eier Marit & Arne Paulsrud) 3rd Best bitch, and Zenmai av Enerhaugen, which won 2nd Best puppy.

Glendalin Fuyu San won 3 Best dog.



The Kennel was awarded the hightly prestigues Norwegian Kennel Club Breeders price 2001. The trophy (photo) was given for the long lasting work to save and preserve the national norwegian breed; Norsk Lundehund (Puffin dog), and for to establish and breed Shiba in Norway.